Vlaardingen, South Holland: MXI Corp is Now XO-Lifestyle-Worldwide

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MXI Corp is excited to announce that it is becoming XO-Lifestyle-Worldwide in September 2014. Xocai Healthy Chocolate products will continue to be the flagship XO product line. In addition to pleasing Healthy Chocolate, XO’s cacao-based products include powerful weight loss solutions, industry-leading anti-aging creams, and high-antioxidant energy beverages. XO will also roll out revolutionary acne control, wound care, and singular anti-aging skin care product lines.

“Although change sometimes is scary, I think we all realize with this particular update to our company name is the opposite of that; it is exciting and very, very, very positive. This adjustment is only the start of the amazing updates and progressive steps we are going to be experiencing as a chocolate family this year and moving forward.  Hang on and let’s enjoy the ride!” Andrew Brooks, XO-Lifestyle-Worldwide, COO

As part of the change, XO welcomes new President Brad Stewart and co-founder and Chief Science Officer Chanda Zaveri.

Mr. Stewart’s exceptional career includes building his own successful companies as an entrepreneur, authoring books and publications, and hosting a nationally syndicated talk show on business and finance. Brad has proven his ability to arouse enthusiasm among colleagues, while at the same time identifying over five hundred million dollars of new business throughout his career. Mr. Stewart has been involved in network marketing most of his adult life, having worked as a distributor and as a key consultant to many of today’s inspiring companies. As President of XO Lifestyle Worldwide, Brad is looking forward to finding, building, and retaining the most successful network marketing distributors here in Vlaardingen, South Holland.

As President and Founder of Actiogen Corporation, parent company of SkinHealix, Ms. Zaveri has been a pioneer in skincare since 1994 having developed innovative products, based on novel peptide chemistry, in the skin care/cosmeceutical, dermaceutical, and wound care industries. She is devoted to science and the understanding of biological cell structures and how to communicate with it using specially designed peptides. Chanda Zaveri is one of the world’s leading experts in cosmeceuticals, nutraceuticals, wound-healing technology and cancer chemotherapeutic innovations.

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